40 Full Moon Messages & Quotes

Full Moon Night Sky Moon Night  - susan-lu4esm / Pixabay

“There are some days when the moon seems to be near our hands but it isn’t; the same happens when we are falling in love with someone who doesn’t know we exist”

“I can make mistakes about the things I do or the things I say but I’m completely sure our love shines more than the full moon”

“We yearn for a full moon night every night!”

“The world gazes at the full moon to appreciate its beauty but I look at you because there is nothing as pretty as you my love.”

“It would be easier to cut a piece of moon instead of ignoring my love for you”

“The moon shines full on the full of the moon.”

“You are as gorgeous as the full moon because you complete me just the way full moon completes this night.”

“The energy from the moon gives me adrenaline for action, adventure and romance”

“She is the magic of a full moon light!”

“Just like this beautiful full moon has spread its moonlight all over, you have brought the same brightness in my life.”

“The only way to forget you is traveling to the moon and staying there forever”

“The sky grew orange and pink, a pale ghost of the full moon appeared above Salem, waiting to glow brilliant in the velvet black hiding just beyond the twilight.”

As Full Moon Day arrives, it is time to begin good things. It is time to bring in the change in your life, to work harder to achieve your goals. Wishing you positive energy and Happy Full Moon Day.

“I’d like to be the moon every night to get in your room in the form of light and see your beauty all night long”

“That what secretly flows between us today,
will gleam tomorrow, the way full moon does.”

Moon controls our mind and emotions. On the occasion of Full Moon Day, I pray that you are blessed with a calm and composed mind to have control over your emotions. Happy Full Moon Day.

“I can’t stand that you ignore me, I can’t stand your bad mood but I can’t avoid thinking about you when I see the moon”

“Oh my sweet muse tell me what do I do
on such romantic full-moon nights!

You inflame my passion,
and the moon serenades my obsession!”

Moon is the closest star to Earth and also the most influential. Let us pray for positive effect of this beautiful star on our lives. Let us pray for happiness and health. Happy Full Moon Day.

“Look at dark sky, look at the moon and the stars and you’ll realize the best things in life have no price”

“Escape from the black cloud
that surrounds you.
Then you will see your own light
as radiant as the full moon.”

Looking at moon gives a pleasant feeling to eyes… May you are blessed with the same soothing effect in your life as Full Moon arrives to bring in a change in our lives. Happy Full Moon Day to you.

“I can see the moon’s color in your eyes and when I do it seems that I enter in another universe, I don’t know what’s going on but I think is love”

“MoonChild be free.
Free from the tides of being boxed.
Free from the norms of those who status quo.
Find your path and follow it to the moon.”

Just the way Moon brightens our lives, I pray to God that you also bring happiness, peace and harmony in your life with your pious deeds. Warm wishes on Happy Full Moon Day to you.

“Tonight is full moon and the wolf man will look for you; don’t worry, it’s just a joke, just try to have fun tonight with the one you love”

“This is not only a full moon for me. This is an image of your face for me.”

Let the beauty of Full Moon inspire us to bring a change in our lives. Let it motivate us to keep moving ahead to achieve our goals. Wishing you a bright and Happy Full Moon Day my friend.

“I asked the moon to watch you and your dreams, I told it that you’re the love of my life and the main reason I’m happy in this world”

“Full moon is a good fisherman; every eyes are easily caught in his net!”

Walking under the Full Moon light soothes our mind and soul. It gives us the energy to be positive and calm. Wishing you more achievements as the Full Moon Day arrives. Make the most out of it.

“The night we danced a romantic song while the moon shined us was the best of my life”

“I swear, the reason for full moons is so the gods can more clearly see the mischief they create.”

I have asked the Moon to keep a close watch on your dreams and help you achieve them. It is an auspicious time to begin your efforts. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Full Moon Day.

“I love kissing you when is full moon, came to me right now so I can enjoy your sweet lips”

“Drink in the moon as though you might die of thirst.”

I pray to God that the Full Moon brighten your life with new hope and energies. I wish that you enjoy happiness and peace of mind. Sending warm wishes to you on Full Moon Day.

“I feel excited when I see the moon and I like how wonderful it is, when I walk under the moon light I want to fall in love again”

“There is a moon,
that rests in the quiet corners
of a lover’s lips.”

Moon has arrived to fill your dreams with new colors. On the occasion of Full Moon Day, I pray for positive energy in your life to bring the desired change for good. Happy Full Moon Day