Full Moon Messages & Quotes

Full Moon Messages & Quotes

Collection of Full Moon Messages & Quotes

“There are some days when the moon seems to be near our hands but it isn’t; the same happens when we are falling in love with someone who doesn’t know we exist”

“I can make mistakes about the things I do or the things I say but I’m completely sure our love shines more than the full moon”

“We yearn for a full moon night every night!”

“The world gazes at the full moon to appreciate its beauty but I look at you because there is nothing as pretty as you my love.”

“It would be easier to cut a piece of moon instead of ignoring my love for you”

“The moon shines full on the full of the moon.”

“You are as gorgeous as the full moon because you complete me just the way full moon completes this night.”

“The energy from the moon gives me adrenaline for action, adventure and romance”

“She is the magic of a full moon light!”

“Just like this beautiful full moon has spread its moonlight all over, you have brought the same brightness in my life.”