Promise day messages

Promise Day, celebrated on February 11th as part of the Valentine’s Week, is a day dedicated to making sincere commitments and promises to our loved ones. It is a time to express devotion, trust, and the intent to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations.

As part of the festivities, exchanging Promise Day messages has become a cherished tradition. These messages convey love, faithfulness, and the importance of keeping our promises, symbolizing the depth and commitment in our relationships.

This collection is a compilation of heartfelt, sincere, and meaningful messages that beautifully capture the essence of Promise Day.

The day I saw you I knew I would want spend rest of my life with you. Be mine forever baby?

वादा है तुझसे कभी रुलायेंगे नही,
हालात जो भी हो तुझे भुलायेंगे नहीं,
छुपा के अपनी आँखों में रखेंगे तुझको
दुनिया में किसी और को दिखाएंगे नहीं।
हैप्पी प्रॉमिस डे

Love is a promise,
love is a souvenir,
once given forgotten
never let it disappear.

बातों-बातों में दिल ले जाते हो
देखते हो इस तरह जान ले जाते हो
अदाओं से अपने इस दिल को धड़काते हो
लेकर बाहों में सारा जहां घुमाते हो
Happy Promise Day

If you are cold at night, let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket.
Happy Promise Day!

Promise to you my dear we will walk together till the life ended. Happy promise day.

I cannot promise to solve all your problems but I assure you won’t have to face them alone.
Happy Promise Day!

I wish to be with U till the solar falls from the sky.Happy Promise Day

I promise one day you’ll regret losing me you’ll look back and say, ‘Dammn…dat guy really did love me.

Speaking without egos, Loving without intentions, Caring without expectations, I promise you that you will be mine always. Happy Promise Day, darling husband!

I promise to never ignore your phone call and call you up every night

I can’t imagine a life without you in it,
I want to grow old with you,
Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.
Happy Promise Day!

I promise that I never leave you, always be with you and make your life beautiful.

I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me,
For This Is All I Can Do.
It Is My Wish That You Promise Me This,
You Be The Greatest Of You.
Happy Promise Day.

I promise to never try to change who you are, I will love you just the way you are

“Friends are like the family you choose and I promise to always stand by you in good and bad times like your family….. Happy Promise Day.”

I Love You More than I ever thought I could, I promise to give you all that I have as long as I live. Happy Promise day to you dear.

As we watch the Sun go down,
I want to let you know,
My love for you is forever,
I will never let you go.
Happy Promise Day.

सोचा था ना करेंगे किसी से दोस्ती
ना करेंगे किसी से वादा
पर क्या करें दोस्त मिला इतना प्यारा
की करना पड़ा दोस्ती का वादा
Happy Promise Day

No relation of the blood but bonded by the heart this is true essence of friendship. I don’t promise to let you in problem anytime. But I promise to face the problem together every time.

In sickness and in health,
In happiness and in sorrow,
I promise to always be there for you.
Happy Promise Day!

You are the Light of my life

Maybe I’m too late to be your first But right now,
I’m preparing myself to be your last. I Promise Happy Promise Day

My promise of never leaving you is as true as gospel. Never let your worries trouble you for I’ll be there forever with you!

I would balance the work and personal life; I promise I would never give you a moment to complain. Happy promise Day!

I can not promise to solve all your problems, I can only promise that I will never let you face them alone, Happy Promise Day

I promise to always remind you that I am with you and I will always be in love with you. Happy Promise Day!

Promise me that you will never leave me alone.


Promise Day is a special occasion that celebrates the power of commitment and trust in relationships. The Promise Day Messages collection offers a range of heartfelt messages that perfectly convey the sentiments of love, loyalty, and dedication. Whether you’re looking to express your unwavering devotion to a partner, renew promises to a friend, or simply remind someone of your faithfulness, these messages serve as a source of reassurance and emotional connection. May these messages inspire strong and lasting promises, strengthening the bonds of love, trust, and loyalty in the relationships of those who receive them on Promise Day.